Advantages of Camfly

Advantages of Camfly

1. For Credibility, Authenticity, Reputation and Specialization

Camfly Non-Camfly
The first and biggest manufacturer with more years professional services and abundant marketing experiences in South Africa. Formidable Productivity and Timely Delivery. Unknown Origin.
Quality Standards and Production Requirements by the climatic condition and building situation of South Africa. Not Applicable.
Authoritative SABS Testing Reports. Untested or Uncertificated.
Prompt Orders Processing, Ideal Lead Times. No Timely Delivery, Long Lead Times.

2. For Quality, Specification and Colour

Camfly Non-Camfly
Camfly Non-Camfly Absolutely high content of raw PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Far lower than standard requirement. Mixed with waste materials.
A strong and firm plate body to resist the back pressure between ceiling board and roof. Fragile, Insufficiently firm. Lower compressive strength. Accidents frequently happen due to quality.
Flexible and suitable for bowing even bending (available for Series 258 & 25C). Much easier to load or unload and install. No flexibility available.
Much better visual effects, Hardly any color difference. Frequently occurring color difference due to discontinued supplies.
Any special sizes can be customized (up to 15 metres). Camfly is available in a large variety of finishes, colors and patterns to cater to anyone’s preferences. Single and stationary size. Length of 3.9m or 5.9m is available only. Unable to cater for special customization.

3. For Others

Camfly Non-Camfly
Far More Cost Effective / Cost Performance. Low PPR (Performance-to-Price Ratio).
More Excellent Durability. Factory-warranted Quality. Camfly Products are of the highest quality and come with a product guarantee of 20 years. Briefer Product Lifetime. No Warranty.
Authentic Guarantee of Local Manufacturer. Not Applicable.