The Factory

The Factory

Camfly factory is affiliated to the company Xionglong Trading (Pty) Ltd. It was founded in 2008 and started as a ceiling manufacturing business that supplied PVC products in South Africa.

The company Xionglong Trading (Pty) Ltd is the first and biggest manufacturer in South Africa, having as main activity the producing and supply of a variety of different Camfly PVC profiles offerings (PVC Ceiling panels, PVC Wall panels, PVC Cornices, PVC Trims & Jointers).

Camfly focussed

From the start of business, Camfly focussed on making use of only the best quality raw materials to ensure that our products are of the best quality with the highest content of PVC, meet the traits or standards of local housing construction and outlast any of our customers’ expectations.

Our products are built by advanced machinery and skilled technicians that are closely monitored and continuously trained and tested. We strive not only to continuously grow content_sec_div, but also to consistently deliver high quality products backed by excellent service.

PVC ceiling products

Camfly has been provided large quantities of top quality PVC ceiling products to our existing customer base since 2009. We are proud to mention that currently, a few of our products are now supplied to RDP housing contractors. Due to an increase in demand, we had proudly expanded our manufacturing capacity which had led to our producing department relocating to larger premises in 2015.

Our products are used all over South Africa and abroad in several countries of Southern Africa. Through focusing continuously on our core value’s, we strive to use only the best quality materials in the construction of our products, be consistent in all that we do, build valuable relationships based on mutual trust and dependability.

production and warehousing

With a total area of 28 000 square meters, out of which 8 000 square meters are used as production and warehousing spaces and with its own car fleet, the company ensures the prompt and immediate delivery of the Camfly products to all its customers.

The constant stocks from the warehouses enable quick and flexible deliveries, the purchase orders being delivered within the shortest possible time.

Due to the quality of the Camfly products, the company Xionglong Trading (Pty) Ltd has a permanently growing network of customers. Make Camfly your number one choice in a solution provider for your finishes that will be the hallmark of your dream living space.